Why move to Saint George? 

Southern Utah is the fastest growing area in Utah and one of the top growing populations in the United States for people of all ages and demographics. The city offers a tight-knit community that houses many families and promotes outdoor and recreational activities. There are a number of fitness opportunities around the city and the surrounding area. Saint George will still have a small-town feel as rolling hills and rock formation paint the landscape around Saint George, but the city is home to over 82,000 residences. Should one desire to visit bigger cities, Las Vegas is two hours to the south through the Virgin River Gorge, and the Saint George Municipal Airport provides quick and cheap flights to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake. However, with 150,00 in Washington Country, there is no lack of malls, restaurants, and stores to sustain a luxurious life in the desert at the gateway of National Parks. Many State and National parks are scattered across the Southern Utah landscape. This brings families from all around to enjoy the wonders that surround Saint George. The warm temperature attracts many elderly adults to the area to retire, and Dixie State University brings in a number of college students from around Utah and the country. No matter what your personal preferences or dreams about the ideal place to live, Saint George can fulfill them all.


Utah is the land of national parks and stunning landscapes. Saint George is truly an example of Utah's breathtaking natural landscapes as it houses A number of state parks that are all a thirty minute or less drive away from downtown Saint George. Snow Canyon State Park lies close to Saint George and is famous for picturesque landscape is a treasure trove of hikes, sand dunes, and biking trails. Sand Hollow Reservoir is a deep blue lake amongst the bright red rocks of Southern Utah. The reservoir brings out the water lovers as it spots a perfect place for fishing, boating, cliff diving and more around its majestic rocks and cool water. Sand Hollow is the perfect outdoor family outing from spring till fall. Quail Creek and Gunlock Reservoir also offer the adventure of the outdoors and are perfect for fishing on quiet evenings amongst the beauty of the desert. Not only does Saint George house a number of state parks and conservation areas, but it also lies between a number of the best and most visited National Parks. Within a few hours, one can leave the center of Saint George and find themselves lost in theme parks of nature such as Bryce Canyon, Arches, The Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef


Saint George has truly nurtured a healthy lifestyle and provides a number of hiking, biking, and running trails throughout the city and its surroundings. The city provides a number of opportunities for outdoor activities and sports, recreation centers, and local little league teams for children. Saint George also hosts some of the best golf courses in the United States for all levels that are intertwined with the amazing desert landscape. Again highlighting the beauty of Southern Utah.


Sometimes the weather of Utah scares people away because of its harsh winters, but Saint George harbors a warmer climate year-round that protects the area from heavy snowfalls. The southwestern desert climate is great for those who seek the heat and sun. The warmer weather entices outdoor activity and fun in the sun. On average, Saint George experiences sun for about 300 days of the year and rarely gets snow like the rest of Utah. The average temperatures in the winter reach about the mid-forties, just above the temperature for snow. The summer temperatures easily make it to the nineties. The temperature of Saint George is ideal for adventure, and the city itself is not far from the snow if one should want to go skiing or snowboarding. There are a number of ski resorts that are around southern Utah that provide great slopes for snowboarding as well as snowmobile trails. In the summer, these ski resorts make great places for hikes and mountain biking.


Saint George is the home of many outdoor gems that get the community together. One of the amazing community events in the desert oasis of Saint George is the Huntsman World Senior Games. Since 1987 the Huntsman foundation in Saint George has thrown Olympic games for elderly adults above the age of 55. They compete in 30 different athletic events over a two week period every October. The games are a huge attraction in the city of Saint George and bring athletes from Japan, Russia, Australia, and many more countries around the world. Ultimately the games nurture a peaceful relationship among countries through friendly competition. These games bring many people to Saint George from around the United States as well and are one of the many community events that locals can enjoy. Another fantastic activity is watching plays and musicals at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre that lies amongst southern Utah’s red pillars of rock. The Tuacahn is well known for its musicals and plays that are held in its red rock amphitheater from the Disney classics to Broadway masterpieces. Stunning performances are tailored for young children and adults alike and make a great evening activity.


There are a number of different industries that are in Saint George that provide many jobs for just about anyone. Great school systems and friendly communities make Saint George a great place for raising a family and giving your kids a great start for life. A number of communities around Saint George have a number of different views of the vibrant red rocks, rolling desert hills, and distant snow-capped mountains. Saint George is growing at a rapid pace, and new housing developments are being constructed all the time to meet the demand. New houses provide all of the new amenities of luxurious living. While old town Saint George gives a nostalgic pioneer aesthetic to the city. No matter what kind of home you may be looking for to raise your family or retire in, Saint George will have it all!


How will I know if can afford to pay for a home?

Buying a new home can be a great experience, especially for new home buyers; however, it can also be a stressful time because of the price of buying a house. Knowing what you can afford will be key in looking for homes. As real estate agents will be able to sort out the houses available and show you the ones within your price range. Lenders usually recommend that when people begin looking for homes, that the cost of the property is no more than three to five times their annual household income should they plan to make a 20% down payment and have a moderate amount of other debt. However, everyone's financial situation is different so the price should take into account all factors. These factors will cover any and all expenses that you may have. It will be important to know how much your car payments each month. Also adding in any maintenance and auto insurance costs as well. Are there student loans that need to be paid off? What are some recurring debts that have to be paid off each month? Are there any credit cards that have to be paid off? Planning out your finances can really help to organize the funds that can be used on a house payment each month. Also, factor in a down payment on the house as it will help to calculate your monthly payment. Like any other big purchase, a bigger down payment will help to create lower monthly payments. It will also be good to know the cost of living in an area. While living in some areas may be relatively cheap, others may cost an enormous amount of money to accomplish the same things. Places like California or New York will have very high costs of living, while here in Saint George, the cost is more manageable.

To help figure out how much you can pay for a house, there are a number of calculators that can be found online. After plugging in a few numbers of other monthly expenses, it will shoot out the value of a home that you can afford. Although the number that they provide is based upon your other financial obligations, you should go a bit lower than the provided amount so that there is room to negotiate and save for the future.


What are some good qualities to look for in a real estate agent?

Buying a home can be stressful, but working with a great real estate agent can make it a wonderful experience. A real estate agent will help you get through the process of buying a home and fight to get the best price that he/she possibly can. But an agent can help you browse through the many property options available, but experienced real estate agents will have access to more resources, connections, and be familiar with the area. The experience will also help them to know the tricks of the trade for finding online listings and filling out all the paperwork properly. A great real estate agent will also help to fight on your behalf to negotiate a price that is best for you. They will not only be able to compare the prices of similar properties, but they will be a good judge in knowing if a home is over or underpriced. 

Another factor of having a real estate agent is that emotions may be high when selling a home. People may be leaving behind a home where they may have lived most of their lives, they reminisce through all the memories, and the land is much more to them than a piece of property. For this reason, it's good to have somewhat of a mediator that can accurately list a house for a price and help them to try and sell it. A great real estate agent will be able to sift through the emotions of selling someone's home and negotiate a price that is reasonable for the property. So real estate agents should be calm and courteous in negotiation, but also firm in representing their client. 

What should one know about buying a new home?

There are a few tips about playing the real estate game that may help you get a great property for a reasonable price. Weather and the time of year will play a huge role in the purchase of a new home. During warm spring and summer months, people are more likely to list their properties and to tour open houses. This time will see more foot traffic through homes and cause the real estate market to be more competitive. Thus driving up the price of homes within an area. However, the colder months are a different story as the lowest prices can be found between October to March. Both times can be good for buying properties, but cold months will have a lower selection with lower prices. While warmer months will offer a wider selection of homes, but not feature the best prices available. At the end of the year, homeowners are usually trying to get rid of their house at this point and ill subsequently drop the price of their home to sell it as quickly as they can. Not all price drops may be significant, some will have greater drops in price while other properties only drop in price by a few thousand. Warmer periods will have a very quick turn around for selling homes, creating a very small gap for negotiation. Probably the best time to buy a house is around July or August. This period is somewhat of a middle ground where there are still plenty of properties on the market, but housing costs have begun to drop ever so slightly. So having a real estate agent help you to come up with these fast negotiations will be extremely beneficial to you. Another factor that could be useful to know is that houses that sit longer on the market will usually go down in price over time. This is usually because the owner is actively seeking to get rid of the property so that they can move onto other things. The summer may be your best bet if trying to find a house in Saint George as many families will have kids in school from the end of August to the beginning of April, so families may not be as willing to sell during the school year. This would cause a hassle because their kids would then need to switch schools in the middle of a school year. However, this could actually help if trying to buy a house because there would be less competition with families with kids during the school year. Every area will be different as far as when to buy property, that's why finding a good real estate agent will help open up the best possibilities for you.