One of the many benefits of moving to Southern Utah or at least buying property is the booming Utah economy. Over the last few years, lawmakers and business owners have created one of the top state economies within the US. Currently, the unemployment rate of Saint George is sitting at about 3.4% according to the Bureau of Labor. Utah is in fact ahead of the national unemployment average and continues to make giant strides in creating jobs and promoting a thriving economy. Companies and small businesses are also sprouting up around the area providing great services and employment opportunities to the surrounding communities. 


Many people are attracted to Southern Utah not to live, but to purchase second homes that provide a holiday escape from the big cities. Saint George specifically is amongst the most popular metro areas within the United States to purchase second homes. Many people from California and Las Vegas purchase property in Saint George and other areas in Washington county as a weekend getaway from the bigger cities. Although cities in southern Utah are growing, they still maintain their small-town feel with tight-knit communities and pioneer like city centers. So if you are looking for a weekend getaway, Saint George offers a spectacular location at the mouth of the National Parks. Many people also invest in properties within Saint George and Cedar City because they are able to use them as rental properties. Both areas contain universities that bring many students to the area that stay year-round and need places to stay. Cedar City, in particular, has a shortage of student housing and properties can easily be rented out to multiple students during the school year. A number of people use their properties as vacation rentals during the summer for the Shakespeare festival and Utah summer games. In other words, investing in a second property in southern Utah will be very profitable and enjoyable.


Although housing prices are steadily growing in Southern Utah, the area still ranks as one of the most affordable areas in the state and is one of the rising populations of the United States.  With the increase of demand in Saint George/Cedar City housing market, it creates a golden opportunity for homeowners that may be trying to sell. Currently, there is a high demand for new properties on the market.


What does Southern Utah have to offer?

The wonders of Southern Utah are endless; a host of community and state events are held year-round, National Park is scattered across the red rock landscape, and the people come together to make it truly spectacular. Southern Utah is home to smaller rural cities that have become very popular over the last few years. Kane, Iron, and Washington Counties reside in southern Utah and are rapidly growing with a greater influx of people moving to the area. Southern Utah is the fastest growing area in Utah and contains one of the fastest-growing populations in the entire United States for people of all ages and demographics. The cities of Cedar City, Saint George, Kanab, and the numerous others within the area create tight-knit communities, house many families, harbor many agricultural centers, and promote outdoor and recreational activities. 


There are a number of different industries that are in Saint George that provide many jobs for just about anyone. Great school systems and friendly communities make Saint George a great place for raising a family and giving your kids a great start for life. A number of communities around Saint George have a number of different views of the vibrant red rocks, rolling desert-scape hills, and distant snow-capped mountains. Saint George is growing at a rapid pace, and new housing developments are being constructed all the time to meet the demand. New houses provide all of the new amenities of luxurious living. While old town Saint George gives a nostalgic pioneer aesthetic to the city. Likewise, Cedar City has so much to offer, and it will make a great place for you to start and raise a family. Cedar City prides itself on being the “Festival City”, and is the second biggest city in southern Utah with a population of 32,000. 45 minutes north of Saint George, cedar city provides an escape from the warmer desert and into the mountains of Iron County. The town resides within Iron County and was founded in 1851 as Latter-Day Saint pioneers came down south from Parowan to establish Iron mines in the nearby mountains and as a resting point as pioneers made their way down to Saint George. Today Cedar City continues to attract people to the area for its festivals, university, and location. 


Like many small towns, Cedar City is a very family-friendly community that hosts festivals, parades, and other events that bring the community together. Rightfully earning its title as “Festival City”, Cedar organizes a number of parades that are held year-round such as the Story Book Parade, 4th of July parade, Pioneer Day Parade, and many more. Many of these parades involve small business and highlight local community accomplishments, as well as the history of the area. All of the parades make great opportunities to get kids out of the house and to introduce them to the many activities that are offered in Cedar City. A number of parks and businesses around town also host festivals that provide art galleries, fun and games, and demonstrations. Saint George will still have a small-town feel as rolling hills and rock formation paint the landscape around Saint George and hide the view of the city; nonetheless, the city is home to over 82,000 residences. Saint George also resides two hours to the south of Las Vegas providing a getaway to the bigger city. The Saint George Municipal Airport also provides quick and cheap flights to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake. Additionally, Cedar City Regional Airport provides flights up north to Salt Lake. Nonetheless, southern Utah has its share with growing populations in Washington, Iron, and Kane Country, there is no lack of malls, restaurants, and stores to sustain a luxurious life in the desert at the gateway of National Parks. Many State and National parks are scattered across the Southern Utah landscape. This brings families from all around to enjoy the wonders that surround Saint George. The warmer desert climate also attracts many Elderly adults to retire in the area Furthermore, Dixie State University attracts many college students from around the country come to study. Therefore, Southern Utah has a place for the young and old and is a perfect place to live. Cedar City is home to Southern Utah University or home of the Thunderbirds. The university has a number of top-notch programs and is listed at the fourth fast-growing school in the nation. The university has become very popular for its low tuition costs, bringing many young adults to Cedar City to study. Furthermore, with the university growing so quickly, an influx of people have begun moving into the area area


Utah is the land of national parks and stunning landscapes. Saint George is truly an example of Utah's breathtaking natural landscapes as it houses A number of state parks that are all a thirty minute or less drive away from downtown Saint George. Snow Canyon State Park lies close to Saint George and is widely known for its scenic landscapes that attract those seeking hikes, sand dunes, and biking trails. Sand Hollow Reservoir is a perfect hub of recreational water sports and fun. The rock formations surrounding the cool desert waters provide a fantastic cliff jumping area and fishing. Not to mention the significant amount of people that come for the fun of boating. Sand Hollow is the perfect outdoor family outing from spring to about the middle of fall. Similarly, Quail Creek and Gunlock Reservoir offer the serenity of fishing in the evening as the sun falls behind the red rocks of southern Utah. Southern Utah also houses a number of pivotal destinations within the southwest region of the United States. Cities like Cedar City, Kanab, and Saint George are all at the doorway of many national parks that demonstrate America's masterful landscapes and natural formations. Within a short amount of time away from the cities, one can find themselves immersed with the beauty and tranquility of Bryce Canyon, Arches, The Grand Canyon, Canyon Lands, and/or Capitol Reef. 


Saint George specifically has helped to promote a healthy lifestyle for its residents and provides a number of hiking, biking, and running trails throughout the city and its surroundings. A number of opportunities for residents and visitors for outdoor activities and sports, recreation centers, and local little league sports teams, gyms, and yoga courses, etc. Saint George is also home to some of the top-rated golf courses in the United States and woven into the surrounding desert landscape. 


Many times the weather will scare people away from moving to Utah because of its harsh winters, however, Southern Utah harbors warmer climates year-round while receiving its fair share of snowfall in certain areas. The southwestern desert climate is great for those who seek the heat and sun. The warmer weather invites outdoor recreation. On average, Saint George experiences sun for about 300 days of the year and almost never receives the snowstorms that brush across other arts of Utah. The average temperatures in the winter reach about the mid-forties, just above the temperature for snow. The summer temperatures easily make it to the nineties. The temperature of Saint George is ideal for getting out into nature, while other parts of southern Utah receive some of the best snow in the country for those who want the thrill of skiing or snowboarding. There are a number of ski resorts that are around southern Utah that provide great slopes for snowboarding as well as snowmobile trails. In the summer, these ski resorts make great places for hikes and mountain biking, and they often host many concerts and outdoor fun for the entire family.


Saint George is the home of many outdoor gems that get the community together. One of the amazing community events in the desert oasis of Saint George is the Huntsman World Senior Games. Since 1987 the Huntsman foundation in Saint George has thrown Olympic games for elderly adults above the age of 55. They compete in 30 different athletic events over a two week period every October. The games are a huge attraction in the city of Saint George and bring athletes from Japan, Russia, Australia, and many more countries around the world. Ultimately the games nurture a peaceful relationship amongst countries through friendly competition. These games bring many people to Saint George from around the United States as well and are one of the many community events that locals can enjoy. A bit farther up north, Cedar City hosts the Utah Summer Games. The games take in a number of high schools and athletes from all over and feature a number of different events from shooting, biking, and tennis. All ages are allowed to participate, and many people come from around the country to view the games. The games promote outdoor activity and fitness and are great opportunities to get the family together for outdoor fun and are centered in Cedar City. 


The world-renowned Shakespeare Festival is located at the heart of Cedar City and brings thousands of people to the area every year to see a number of Shakespeare and other spectacular play productions. While there are productions that happen year-round, the bulk of plays are performed from August to October. The festival features not only Shakespeare plays, but provide a spectacle of numerous contemporary plays and musicals from a number of playwrights. People every year come from many different countries to witness the art of acting that many actors have so exquisitely mastered through hard work and experience. The Festival attracts people of all ages and has something to offer for everyone no matter one's personal interests. Similar to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Saint George has its fair share of productions, playwrights, and musicals at the Tuacahn Amphitheater that lies amongst the red foothills. Tuacahn is well known for its musicals and plays that are held in its outdoor red rock amphitheater that produce many Disney classics to Broadway masterpieces. Stunning performances are tailored for young children and adults alike and make a great evening activity for the entire family. The cool desert breeze creates a wonderful atmosphere for these productions from both mediums to be absolutely spectacular to those who come far and wide to see what the theaters of Southern Utah have to offer them.